Thursday 8 November 2012

Campbelltown Recollections Project Update

Interviewing continues for our Campbelltown Recollections: Stories From Our Past project. We have gathered many wonderful stories from locals from different backgrounds and various ages. These filmed interviews provide a fascinating insight into our area's past. Various forms of multimedia such as photographs, film and music will be used with these interviews to help make each story come to life.

Each of the 9 interviews will be shown as part of an exhibition at H.J. Daley Library in January 2013. They will also be available for viewing on the library's website.

An example of one amusing story from the interviews comes from Paul O'Loughlan. One day when Paul was a small boy he was playing cowboys and indians and, feeling rather adventurous, lit a fire and did an indian war dance. The fire however got away from him and completely burnt out the paddock behind his house in Railway Street. Smoke could be seen for miles and the fire almost burnt 3 houses and the nearby Hayes's cordial factory. Lucky for Paul the local fire brigade got there in time. He said he never played with matches again!

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