Monday 27 February 2023

Curious Campbelltown

Many libraries are now discovering the popularity of podcasts and a number of metropolitan and state wide libraries have jumped on board. However, the subjects each of these libraries focus on differs widely.

Campbelltown City Library's Curious Campbelltown podcast was launched in November last year. Since the launch we have released four episodes: All Things Fred (Jeff McGill), For King and Country (Lauren Hokin), A Man of Colours (Gary Seddon) and A Proud Campbelltonian (Jim Marsden).

Our local studies section of Campbelltown City Library works enthusiastically to uncover Campbelltown’s unique and fascinating history. We are very fortunate that much of this history has been preserved in the form of such platforms as oral history interviews, sound recordings, photographs, documents and family histories. Rather than have these hidden away in the library’s archives, our team are determined to make them available for our community to enjoy. Our new podcast “Curious Campbelltown” is an example of this.

Campbelltown has a long, interesting and sometimes unusual history. From its establishment in 1820, there have been many stories that could fit under the banner of curious. Of course, probably the most famous of all Campbelltown’s stories was Fisher’s Ghost. There was no more curious and stranger story than that of the murder of Frederick Fisher and of course if Fred came back as a ghost. From the legend of Fisher’s Ghost to Campbelltown’s own “Saving Private Ryan” war story to the colourful and eccentric Tom Cooper, Curious Campbelltown will take you on a journey of discovery into the town’s colourful past.


Jim Marsden (above) talked about growing up in Campbelltown, his role in the formation of the Wests Tigers and his legal career

I encourage you to explore our Curious Campbelltown podcast. The next episode to be released next month will look at the career of former NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney, particularly his association with Campbelltown, including the Macquarie Fields riot.

Curious Campbelltown is available through Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts and the library's website.

Lauren Hokin (above) talked about the experiences and stories of the town's brave men and women who served in the First World War.

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