Friday 10 March 2023

Come for a Stroll

I have always held a love of cemeteries. There is something calming about them. I disagree that they are places to avoid and that they are scary, forbidden or melancholy. Instead, I have the opinion that they are havens in a crazy and frantic world. Even in Campbelltown, St Peter's Anglican Cemetery, bound by busy roads, generates a feeling of peace amongst the hustle and bustle of the CBD. Occasionally I will wander up to St Peter's during a lunch break to reflect, clear my mind and soak up that peace it provides.

Working as local studies librarian means I get to perform quite a lot of research and often it leads me to learn about our town's pioneers and to the amazing lives some of them lead. It often feels like you get to know them personally! Irene Scattergood is an example. Many times I have read about the tragic circumstances that lead to her premature death in 1925 and the shock felt by her family and the Campbelltown community. Irene and others whose stories I have stored in my brain are people that I wish I could meet. I wish I could interview them like I do with the living's oral histories and record how they made their journey through life...and death.

This year marks 200 years since the first burial in St Peter's Cemetery, making it almost as old as Campbelltown itself. I hope you can join me next month for a Stroll through St Peter's Cemetery and discover some of the people buried there. You will learn about Australia's first millionaire, a Melbourne Cup winning jockey and the man who saw Fisher's Ghost- a man who is often overlooked when it comes to the Fisher's Ghost legend. And of course I will introduce you to Irene Scattergood and explain her heart breaking story as well as others that left such an indelible mark on our beloved Campbelltown. 

Details of the cemetery tour are as follows:

St Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Howe Street, Campbelltown.

Saturday, 15 April from 10am-1130am. Meet at the main gate. Bookings are essential and are through Eventbrite. Cost is free.

Irene Scattergood's headstone in St Peter's Cemetery

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