Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Way We Were- Part 4

Some more then and now photographs

The corner of Copperfield Drive and Archibald Crescent, Rosemeadow in 1999 and 2017. The view is looking towards Copperfield Drive. The photograph above shows the land sales office at the new Rosemeadow Gardens Estate.

Above is "St Elmo" in Broughton Street taken around 1900. Below is the same scene today with those pesky trees in the way!

Taken in Railway Street looking towards Campbelltown Railway Station. The photo above was taken in 1986, just days before the Royal Hotel was demolished. This was difficult to line up a then and now comparison and not just because it was taken from the middle of the road! There was also some strange looks coming our way. If you look carefully you can just make out a chimney under the street light in the 1986 photograph. This is the same chimney under the aerial and near the replacement street light in the bottom photograph. This then and now comparison provides an indication of where the Royal Hotel was in relation to the realigned Railway Street.

Written by Andrew Allen

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