Thursday 26 November 2015

Outfoxed by Alf

I came across this photograph from our collection whilst doing research for a client. Thinking it would be useful for the what I needed, I enthusiastically included it in my package of information for my enquirer. As you can see the photograph shows a fox peering down a rabbit hole waiting patiently for his next meal. Or does it?

Alf Longhurst took the photograph around 1940, presumably on his land at Eagleview Road in Leumeah. He lived on Eagleview Road on a ten acre block with his wife Maud.

It seems Alf possessed a great sense of humour. The fox in the photograph is actually dead and the "rabbit hole" was dug with a shovel! So much for my accurate search.

Alf was also a well known breeder of dogs, especially fox terriers. He used his dogs to hunt along the Georges River. The photograph below shows some of these dogs.

Written by Andrew Allen

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