Monday 8 October 2012

Bushrangers Rob Redfern

As Dr William Redfern of "Campbellfields" at Minto was travelling along Liverpool Road in his cart one evening in 1824 he was bailed up a group of bushrangers. The bushrangers had struck as the cart was passing James Meehan's Estate at Macquarie Field. Redfern was speechless with anger and offered a reward of eighty Spanish dollars for information leading to the conviction of the bushrangers. This was a huge amount for the day.

A tin trunk containing some of Redfern's very best wearing apparel had been stolen. This included: black and blue dress coats; a dress uniform coat, blue with red cuffs and collar; black trousers, open and to fit the boot; black dress pantaloons; plus clothing belonging to Mrs Redfern.

It is not known if the culprits were ever tracked down.

Dr William Redfern

Written by Andrew Allen


The Crier, October 12, 1983.

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