Tuesday 26 February 2019

Vale Eric Aarons

Eric Aarons recently passed away at the age of 99, 2 months short of his 100th birthday.  We wrote about Eric in a blog back in 2015 entitled "The Red Menace - Communism comes to Minto!".
Eric died peacefully after a lifetime devoted to advancing the causes of working people and the battlers of the world, and preserving the planet for future generations. He had lived and worked quietly for many years in his bush home at Minto Heights.
He was widely admired for his sculptures in stone and wood and had his first exhibition in 1972. The Casula Powerhouse Art Centre held a retrospective of his work in 1999.
The Campbelltown Arts Centre holds two of Eric's works "Diprotodon"(2000-2002) and "Who wants to know me" (1993), both on permanent display.

Eric Aarons 1919-2019

Written by Claire Lynch

Sydney Morning Herald 23.1.2019


  1. Hi
    I was wondering if you knew of a haunting in Campbelltown.
    When i lived in Campbelltown, i heard a story of what was a butchers in Queen street (just a few doors up from the shell service station) and that someone had died in the freezer room under the premises.(this was just a rumor i had heard). That place where the butchers was, is now where the black stump restaurant is /was situated (used to be early 90s, don't know if its still there)..
    what was interesting, was that i worked for a air conditioning company that had to do work there, but had to do the work after the restaurant closed around 12/ 1am (re-gassing took a long time).
    The worker and his off-sider said the room was ice cold, even though the air conditioning was not working and it was the middle of summer.
    They also noted that doors would close by themselves, their coats the hung up on the doors would fall off by themselves, footsteps were heard upstairs but no-one was in the building and the electronic timers would keep turning themselves off and on. They replaced the timers thinking they were faulty, but it happened to the new ones as well. they tried a few nights to get the work done but kept having the same problems.
    eventually they decided to come back during the day but had the feeling they were being watched.
    i found this very interesting and was wondering if you have heard of any other stories simular.
    you can contact me if you wish at

  2. Hi Michael,

    No, I haven't heard of this one. I've heard of many ghost stories in this job though. I'll have a look and see if I can find out more about this particular incident. Will send an email if I can find more.