Tuesday 12 September 2017

The Way We Were- Part 5

The next series of then and now photographs were taken around Campbelltown and Bradbury on September 11 2017.

The top photo is of an unknown street parade moving down Lindesay Street in Campbelltown.

The same spot today near the corner of Dumaresq and Lindesay Streets.
 Garnet Jennings and Frank Monaghan at St. John's Prepatory College for Boys. Photo taken in 1926.
91 years later and little has changed here. It's now St. Patrick's College for Girls.
Newly built houses in the 1960s in the new suburb of Sherwood Hills.
The same scene in 2017. Sherwood Hills later changed its name to Bradbury. The street is Lawn Avenue.
Quondong taken in 1960
Today Qoundong is the Tourist Information Centre. The environment around it has changed dramatically since the 1960 photograph was taken.

Written by Andrew Allen 

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