Wednesday 21 June 2017

Horan's Hounds

Poor old Cec Horan.  It didn't matter how much he trained his racing dogs, they just wouldn't win for him. So desperate for them to win, the Wedderburn character hired a priest to bless the dogs. His hopes raised and with tremendous anticipation he watched...and they still didn't win.

Cec Horan was one of this area's wonderful characters from a bygone era. Not much else is known about him apart from one humorous story recounted by a Mrs Rees. Cec would regularly walk up the street with his underachieving dogs. He'd have three on a leash in one hand and the same in the other hand. Sure enough one day the dogs became excited by some furry creature and all hell broke loose! "You should have seen him, what a mess", recounted Mrs Rees. "It's a wonder they didn't rip his arms out. Some went one way and some went the other, and poor old Cec Horan stuck in the middle."

Cec sold the dogs not long after he had them blessed by the priest, and after the new owner took over they won! Some people just aren't meant to be dog trainers I suppose.

Written by Andrew Allen


Lawrence, Richard 1985
Why Campbelltown?: interviews

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