Thursday 18 September 2014

Southern Queen Street Then and Now

The two images above reveal just how much the southern end of Queen Street has changed in the last 50 years. Both photographs are taken from approximately the same spot- near the exit to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The photograph at the top was taken by local historian Alex Goodsell in the early 1960s. It shows the soon to be demolished Commonwealth Flats in the foreground with the orange roof. The Commonwealth Flats was formerly the Jolly Miller Hotel and then the First and the Last Hotel (see my August 19 post). To the left of the Commonwealth Flats is today's Macarthur Legal Centre building formerly Fieldhouse's Store and later home to the Campbelltown News. Looking in the distance past this building is what used to be known as Miss Raymond's Cottage. It was a timber house with brick nogged walls. It had an attic upstairs that was said to be haunted. This house was pulled down in the early 1980s. It stood where the old pizza hut building and later Anytime Fitness building is today. The petrol bowser on the other side of the road would be where the footpath is in front of the KFC car park shown in the bottom photograph. Note the absence of the telephone poles in the bottom photograph.

Written by Andrew Allen

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