Thursday 31 July 2014

More Aerials

I recently posted about the library acquiring copies of aerial photographs from the collection of Peter and Marie Thomson formerly of St Andrews farm. Peter was an amateur pilot and during the 1960s and early 1970s would take Marie with him to shoot aerial photographs from his plane.

Aerial photographs are excellent for comparing the landscape of a location over periods of time. I thought I would show two more aerial photographs from Peter and Marie's collection. For more aerials of the area or any other historical images from Campbelltown's past, go to our Our Past in Pictures at

The above shot is of St Andrews farm. In the background is Campbelltown Road intersecting with St Andrews Road. The house in the background belonged to sculptor Tom Bass who died in 2010. Aberdeen Road now runs through where the outbuildings are behind the house on St Andrews farm. The photo was taken in 1960.

This image is of Mt St Joseph in today's suburb of Eagle Vale. This building is now Odyssey House in Moonstone Place. The main building is all that's left from the original farm and then monastery that can be seen in the photo. The buildings were demolished after the land was subdivided in the 1980s. The small unusual building in the foreground was a lacrosse court according to the Thomsons. The aerial shot was taken in April 1970. (Remember to click on images for a larger version).

Written by Andrew Allen

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