Monday 4 March 2013

We Need Your Help!

Campbelltown Library recently had some photographs donated to us. One of these photographs (above) is of a Fisher's Ghost Festival street parade in the early 1960s. The image shows a large group of girls in front of a banner that reads "The Flying Garlands" (click on the image for a larger view). Behind this banner are others that read Please Help! Note the young girl at the front about to perform a hand stand.

The photograph is taken in Queen Street near the corner of Browne Street. In the background is the old Macquarie Cinema demolished in 1979 and a house now also demolished.

Does anyone know who the flying garlands were? Please let us know.

Written by Andrew Allen


One of our library staff located a State Library photograph of a group of girls performing acrobatics in the same parade on the same day. The photo has a caption of "Parade and fete in Campbelltown to aid the Beverley Park Orthopaedic Hospital for handicapped children". It is dated the 5th of September, 1957.

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