Thursday 6 October 2011

Welcome to The History Buff!

The History Buff blog will contain regular posts on interesting, unusual and fascinating stories associated with Campbelltown's rich and diverse history. The blog will be compiled by the local information section of Campbelltown City Library. As well as interesting items about the area's history, the blog will also provide updates on news and activities from the local studies section of the library. Hope you enjoy our posts!


  1. Hi Andrew, I was wondering if you could please do some research into St Johns Promary school? I called them some years ago to ask for some old school photos but apparently everything was destroyed by fire... my mum when there when she was growing up in the 40s/50s and she sent all of her kids there... I think if the call dosen't go out soon for request for photos from the general public then i think it will all be lost... there is some amazing history that has gone through that school... but in particular photos of old students would be great to find. Thanks.

  2. Hi Stuart. Firstly, thank you for all your interesting comments on the various blog posts. Some really fascinating information and stories that you've shared so thank you. That is sad to know about the St John's school photographs. The library is due to send out another request for photographs from the public and we can make special mention of school photos, including St Johns. Andrew