Wednesday 13 May 2020

Work Safety in the 1960s

This photograph demonstrates how far we have come with Work, Health and Safety! This worker is perched high up on the steel frame of the new council administration building. He has no safety equipment whatsoever! The photograph would be taken in either late 1963 or early 1964. The administration building was the first high rise building built in the Campbelltown CBD and became a notable landmark in many photographs taken in the years to follow. Every other building in this scene has been demolished. The Macquarie Cinema is the large building in the centre of the photo. It was turned into a roller skating a few years after this was taken and continued until 1968. The building went into decay after this. The Queen Street frontage was turned into shops, whilst the auditorium became warehouse space for Downes Department Store. The building was demolished in December 1979.

Written by Andrew Allen

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