Friday 30 August 2019

No Milk Today

History Week begins this Saturday August 30 and runs through to September 8. I encourage you to stop by HJ Daley Library to look at our display called No Milk Today: Remembering Campbelltown's Forgotten Dairy Farms. We have featured seven dairy farms from the Campbelltown area. Only one of them, named Gowrie, still supplies milk. In fact Gowrie is the only dairy farm left in the Campbelltown area that is still active.

The display has descriptions of each farm, including its history, maps and photographs. There are also interesting quotes from various local people that were connected to these farms.

Did you know that the site of HJ Daley Library was once a dairy farm? Learn more about who owned and operated this farm.

The display is up until September 8.

Gowrie Homestead and Farm (Robert Reeve Collection)

Written by Andrew Allen

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