Friday 6 March 2015

Around Blair Athol in 1947

Campbelltown Library was the recipient recently of a number of photographs of land surrounding the historic Blair Athol precinct. The images were taken in 1947 and were provided by local Tom Reeve. They show how much has changed in the years since. In fact the scenes have changed so much that attempting to take comparison photographs was mostly a futile exercise. Trees grow, houses block out previous views and even land formations change.

I have included 4 of the photographs and used one of my modern shots that does provide a useful then and now view. Remember to click on the images for a larger view.

This was taken from near Blair Athol House and looks out towards the town of Campbelltown. Blaxland Road now runs through the middle of the photograph.

Taken from a point looking north towards the Stone Cottage, Blair Athol House (obscured by trees) and The Kraal (also obscured by trees).

Looking up to Blair Athol House (left), The Kraal (centre) and Mt Erin homestead on the right. Aldi supermarket would be on the far left of the photograph at the bottom of the hill below Blair Athol House and Blaxland Road now runs past it.

Taken from a similar position to the first photograph. The view looks east to Campbelltown. In the distance you can make out buildings such as (from left to right) Fisher's Ghost Restaurant, The Commonwealth Hotel, Campbelltown Theatre, old Bradbury House and the Good Intent Hotel.

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