Friday 8 August 2014

Friends of The Manse

The Presbyterian Manse at 32 Lithgow Street, Campbelltown has been home to Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative (MDSI) since 2008. The building is in urgent need of repairs and the costs for this far exceed the financial resources the MDSI can afford. In June this year MDSI established Friends of The Manse to help and maintain the heritage listed aged care facility. Although repairs and maintenance have been carried out by MDSI, The Manse still requires much more conservation work to be done. You can help by becoming a member and receiving a regular newsletter. Membership is open to individuals and organisations. The aim is to have 200 members by December 2014. More information can be obtained by contacting 4627 1188 or by emailing

The Manse was built in 1882. It's a grand two storey building next to the Presbyteran Church in Lithgow Street.

Unidentified people on the verandah of The Manse around 1900.

Written by Andrew Allen


  1. I always thought this house was haunted. As kids, there was a story of someone drowning in a well on the property and their spirit was seen looking thru the large windows... don't know if its true or not.
    Its still a beautiful house, thanks for the info :)

  2. Thanks for your comment! I've never heard of a ghost associated with this building. I'm sure the current occupants would love to know this- I think anyway!