Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Macarthur Misleader

We recently discovered a copy of the Macarthur Misleader in our collection of newspapers in local studies. This newspaper from the mid-1960s was published by the Apex Club of Camden to raise money for local charity and the community. Its other purpose was to generally amuse readers with various nonsense articles and funny photographs.

Only three or four editions were produced. The issue we have in the library is the second edition and was published just before Christmas 1965. One such amusing article concerned Elizabeth Macarthur Drive in Camden. It announced that the road was to be taken over by the National Trust "to preserve the unique Australian potholes that exist in this wonderful, rugged stretch of road".

Written by Andrew Allen


  1. Thanks for your comment PB. I didn't realise they were still published in the 1970s. You made me laugh but hopefully it doesn't apply to our council!

  2. I’m trying to find out if there are any copies around. My dad was in an ad in one and I’d love to get a copy of it. It would have been from the late 70’s

  3. Hello Trudie, unfortunately we only have one edition of the Macarthur Misleader from 1965. It mostly concerns Camden so you might approach Camden Library. Also, I'm told the Camden Historical Society holds a copy, though I'm not sure which one. They would certainly be worth trying.