Tuesday 3 September 2013

92 Years Overdue!

October 1982 was amnesty month for Campbelltown Library. One of the books returned anonymously during the month was a book called "Poultry Breeding".  It came to the attention of staff that the book was due on August 29, 1890. This meant that it was 92 years overdue! The fine due on the book in line with the value of the day would have been $478.40.

The book had been borrowed from the forerunner of the present library service, the Campbelltown Free Public Library which was established in 1883 and which operated from the Town Hall building in Queen Street, Campbelltown (see our previous blog post). This service ceased to exist in 1905 and it was not until 1964 that the existing library service was established.

The above photograph is of the Town Hall with its new facade taken in 1892. If you look at the bottom far right window (click on the image to make it larger) you can just make out the word library. It was here that the book was first borrowed in 1890.

Written by Andrew Allen


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