Friday 7 October 2022

Korean Comforts Fund

The Ingleburn RSL and Citizens' Comforts Fund was set up to provide support to servicemen in the Korean War 1950-1953. In 1953, the fund provided comfort packs that were sent directly to the soldiers. The packs were greatly appreciated by the men and reminded them of what they were missing from back home. Perhaps most importantly they demonstrated that the boys were not forgotten and that their service was appreciated by people they left behind. 

Two of the contents that appeared to be the most welcome were candles and beer. The candles were particularly useful, as in many places artificial light was the only source of illumination for the men. However, for the thirsty local soldiers, Aussie beer was the highlight in the comfort packs. The diggers sent back letters of thanks that probably shocked some local wowsers. 

The Campbelltown-Ingleburn News published a selection of the messages of thanks sent back by the soldiers. One such message from an L.A.C. Miller read "I was wondering if you may know of a girl of 17-18 who would like to write to me, I only get a few letters." I wonder did he receive a reply?

A total of £307 was raised for the comfort packs by the fund.

Above is an example of a comforts fund hamper from World War II (Australian War Memorial)


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Written by Andrew Allen

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