Tuesday 9 April 2019

A Near Impossible Challenge


I like a challenge. Particularly when it comes to old photographs. This one however, might prove beyond my capabilities. It's really frustrating when you come across a photo in your collection that you know nothing about. The photographs above fit this category. Both of the above are the same photograph, but with one showing more detail using a close up shot. There is no date, no location and no names for the people posing for the photographer. All we know is that it was taken in Campbelltown. It was snapped so long ago. So long that the people are long gone from this world, their life stories likely to have been lost forever. The house has almost certainly been demolished and its location lost to history. As I explained though, I do welcome a challenge!

In the next week or so and before my next blog post, I will examine what we little we do know about this photo and, using the available clues, put together a profile of the photograph. I do know the photography company, so this might help date the photograph, along with the clues in the photo. The other tool I have at my disposal is assistance from our blog subscribers and readers. There are also various social media sites I will use that can help get the word out there and get people to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

I welcome your help. Let's see what we can do!

Written by Andrew Allen

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