Wednesday 21 February 2018

Campbelltown Fire Station

The original Fire Station next door to the Town Hall is well known to Campbelltown residents. Designed by architect Alfred J. Payten, and erected in 1891, it was manned by volunteer firemen with a manual hose reel.

The Fire Brigade to the left of the Town Hall 1892 (Local Studies Collection)

....and in 2000 (Stan Brabender Collection)
It was not long after this that the Council decided to take over the Fire Station for further office space, and it became necessary to find a new location for the Fire Brigade. A site in Queen Street, on the northern side of Reeve's Emporium, was found. The weatherboard building already on the site was moved to the front alignment of the street. The brigade moved to this building in 1907, and the property purchased in 1908 by the Fire Board. More equipment was provided, including a horse drawn manual pump fire engine.

The Fire Station in Queen Street next door to Reeve's Emporium
(Photo - Alex Goodsell)
The Fire Station would remain at this location for 54 years. A site in Railway Street had been dedicated for a new Fire Station but this was exchanged for a site at the new Civic Centre precinct in Broughton Street. This new station was officially opened in 1962.

The Fire Station in Broughton Street 1962. The Administration
Building not yet constructed. (CI News)
....and again - the trees  have grown and the Administration Building
now complete. (Photo - Norman Campbell)
Fourteen years later, in 1976, the Fire Station would move once again. This time, it was to a location further up Broughton Street. Campbelltown Fire Station remains at this location to this day.

The Fire Station at it's second Broughton Street location 2001
(Stan Brabender Collection)

Written by Claire Lynch
"How it all began : the start of the Campbelltown Fire Brigade - the first 100 years" by Norman G. Campbell
Journal of the NSW Fire Service - Fire News Winter 1976
Campbelltown Ingleburn News 13.2.1962


  1. Noting that Thomas Willima Gough was station officer of Campbelltown Fire Station from about 1972 to 1975.

  2. My grandfather William Jones joined the fire brigade here in 1905 (my estimation) then transferred to the NSW fire brigade at 21 station Kogarah on 01-01-09. I have his memo from Capt Reeves introducing him to District Officer Jackson stating his starting date. Many years later it was also my first station on the 70's.

    1. Sorry meant to publish my name. Dennis Pendergast.