Saturday 17 December 2016

Stuck in the Mud

Every now and then I discover a photograph in our collection that fascinates me. Images like the one above are remarkable for highlighting how much Campbelltown has changed over time. This photograph was taken around the late 1920s to early 1930s and shows a truck bogged in mud in Queen Street.

There are many components of this image that are interesting. Firstly, it's difficult for us to imagine today that a truck could get bogged in Queen Street! Also, look at the simple design of the truck. Definitely no bells and whistles with this one. Look at the small child on the left posing rigidly for the camera. There's even a small dog in front of the truck that seems to know he has to look straight at the photographer. Someone has ridden to the scene on a push bike. Look at the number of people crammed into the trailer so they could be part of the photo, although those at the back could not stay still, and therefore appear as a blur.

The truck is bogged in front of Wilkinson's Plumbing business in Queen Street. William Wilkinson was a plumber who had businesses in Camden and Campbelltown. He began his Campbelltown business in 1912 and shared this building with saddler Cyril "Midnight" Brown. You can just make out the name Brown on the side of the awning on the right hand side. William Wilkinson's son Fred took over his father's business when he returned from the First World War. The building to the left of the plumbing business with the two tall chimneys would be the Old Post Office building.

The location of this photo today would be approximately in front of Campbelltown Newsagency and H & R Block Tax Accountants buildings.

Another photograph of Wilkinson's Plumbing. This image is an earlier one and is dated 1912.

Both images come from the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society Collection.

Written by Andrew Allen

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