Monday 21 May 2012

The Flying Doctor comes to Campbelltown

The sprawling weatherboard homestead of "Glen Lorne" was built in the 1820s on the Appin Road, not far from Campbelltown. In 1936, the house was used to film the movie The Flying Doctor starring Charles Farrell and Mary Maguire and a special appearance by Don Bradman playing himself. Farrell, an American star of the day, and a British crew were imported. The plot revolves around a complicated love triangle, a doctor who falls in love with a married woman and then becomes a flying doctor in the outback. Box office receipts were poor but the film lead to a flood of donations to the flying doctor service. "Glen Lorne" homestead was destroyed by fire on 9 July 1981.

Another old Campbelltown homestead was the scene for filming in November 1969. St Helens Park was used as a film set for the ABC television series Delta. The series starred Frank Thring, John Gregg and Kirrily Nolan and was based on a fictitious scientific investigation unit. Frank Thring attracted the most interest, playing a "sinister anthropologist" who had returned to Australia after living in the wilds of New Guinea. The house and grounds were described as a "hive of activity" during those days of shooting back in 1969.

Written by Andrew Allen

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