Wednesday 16 November 2011

Ingleburn's First Car

I came across the gem in our photograph collection recently. Imagine taking this beast for a Sunday afternoon drive! The writing on the photograph taken in 1913 is ""Wells Family of "Jaclyn Park" in their Swiftsure car, the first car in Ingleburn". After doing some investigation I can confirm that the car is a Model T Ford and made in 1913. My research revealed that there was no Swiftsure cars listed for production in Australia. This was a surprise considering the mention of Swiftsure on the photograph. Swiftsure was used to describe cycle cars in the early 1900s and was used in the 1950s as a colloquial term for a car's ability to roll down and up hills.

Apparently, depending on where the car was purchased, the lights on the vehicles were extras as well as the horn!

There is little information about the Wells family. According to local historical researcher Marie Holmes "Jaclyn Park" was located about a half a mile from Ingleburn station and was a poultry farm.


More feedback has revealed that Swiftsure does appear to be a legitimate brand of car. There are 3 advertisements post 1910 for second hand Swiftsures in the Sydney Morning Herald. A search of the Trove database reveals that Swiftsure was more a pre-1910 manufacturer and another February 1907 article titled "Testing a Motor Waggon" states that "Messrs W. Arnott Ltd. are greatly pleased with the success of a test to which their Swiftsure motor biscuit waggon was subjected during a journey across the Blue Mountains to Bathurst and the return via Goulburn to Sydney". It appears the sole agent for Swiftsure motor cars was I. Phizackerley 187 and 171, Elizabeth Street, Hyde Park.

Thanks to the Model T Ford Club of NSW for their assistance.

Written by Andrew Allen


  1. Hi the Registered Owners of Motor Vehicles 1915 has the following:-
    Surname First Name Address Town Car HP Make
    Hodges Ralph V. 560 O.S. Hd. Rd. Waverley 10-12 Swiftsure
    Nom Chong C. D. - Braidwood 16 Swiftsure
    Richards George M. 264 Parramatta Rd. Petersham 8 Swiftsure