Tuesday 5 September 2023

Voices From the Past

Some years ago Campbelltown Library received grant funding to digitise our collection of audio visual material. Included in this collection were audio cassettes of oral history interviews recorded in the mid to late 1970s. These interviews are particularly valuable as they record memories of Campbelltown people born around the late nineteenth century or early twentieth century. For example, we can listen to descriptions of what businesses occupied Queen Street in the early 1900s and of people who lived and died long ago.

Listen to Rita Brunero's recollection of the regatta on the convict-built reservoir in 1917; Aline Haydon's ostrich story or Ambrose Bourke's experiences of enlisting for the First World War. These are just a sample of many wonderful stories featured in Campbelltown Library's Voices From the Past Display. 

This will be the first time these interviews have been made accessible to the public. Learn more about these people and hear their memories at HJ Daley Library during History Week from 2-10 September.

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