Monday 24 July 2023

Old Film Brings Campbelltown Back to Life

An exciting film has recently come to light showing life in Campbelltown in about 1958. The home movie made by local Stan Reeve, provides an insight into a slower paced and more innocent time. The recently digitised film runs for approximately 15 minutes and features various personalities who were prominent in Campbelltown at that time. Moving pictures often reveal so much more about a person's personality compared to still shots and this film is no different. Unfortunately, there is no sound.

The film opens with a view of the Ducat house where today's Macarthur Square is located followed by scenes featuring the Camden Tram 'Pansy' as it steams along beside Narellan Road. Keep a watch later  for cameo's from St David's church, St Peter's church and a small slice of the northern end of Queen Street.

Here is the film:

Gillian Blackstone, Stan Reeve's son Tom and a few others have identified the people in the film. Thank you to Tom Reeve for sharing his father Stan's home movie. The film is copyright to Stan Reeve.

The following is the breakdown of people with a brief description that matches the time in the film:

1.20    John Farrow (cub)    Back left

1.20     Paul Bartley (cub)    Middle

1.21    Elizabeth Farrow    Middle

1.12    Suzanne Farrow (plaits)    In front of Elizabeth   

1.26    Charlie Hannaford and Eric Henson at Scout Hall

1.26    Dianne Penfold    In GFS uniform (middle)

1.26    Roger Woollard    Scout leader (top left) 

1.26    Hazel Routley    Middle left

1.26    Mary Foulks    grey skirt next to Hazel

1.26    Phyllis Rixon (nee Gorrie)    Far right in green

2.29    Mrs Woollard (nee Shafer)    Holding pram

2.56    Harold Reeve

3.02    Mrs Price

3.05    Betty Mercer    Green hat

3.05    Bob Pratt    Centre

3.09    Margaret King    Wife of Dr Ted King

3.13    Eric Avenell    Grey suit right

3.15    Herb Lee

3.36    Julie Lee (Blue dress)

3.40    Rev. Louis Anderson

3.43    Lilian Sproule (nee Bradman- Don Bradman's sister)

3.47    Audrey Larnach    Pink

3.53    Mrs Reeve and Marj Bursill (Pink hat)

4.02    Athol Tompkins

4.10    Dave Archer    Red and white tie

4.24    Dr Ted King

4.27    Hank Reeve

4.40    Beth and Lynne Fairburn

4.49    Merle Bromley

5.01    Mrs Fairburn (Jnr)

5.33    Marj Bursill

6.00    Reeve and Fairburn children

6.16    Hilda Davidson

6.57     Meg King (check skirt)

7.06    Ted King Snr and Mercy

7:30    Leila and Mrs Spearing

7.34    Jim Helm

7.56    Charlie Hannaford at his home 'Miramichi'

8.56     Billy North

9.51     Rev. John Rofe

10.01    Bob Dinney

10.26     Mrs Steele

10.45    Field Day at St Elmo Estate with Eric Routley

11.38    Mrs Witts

11.54    Ron and Jean Cameron

12.27    Harold Reeve with grandchildren

12.55    Freda Ballard and Betty Burgin

12.56    Percy Marlow

13.04    Percy Marlow and Harley Daley

13.26    Emily Longhurst

13.45     Mrs Wolledge

13.52    Bert Kitt

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