Friday 19 May 2023

Louisa Fisher

An amazing photograph came to light last week. The library was sent a remarkable image of  Louisa Fisher- the sister of our famous ghost Fred Fisher. This is the first time the library has seen a photo of one of Fred Fisher's immediate family. I wonder did she look like her brother Fred? The only description we have of Fred Fisher is through convict records. They describe him as having average height with a fair complexion and brown hair. Not much detail there.

Louisa Ellen Fisher was Frederick's younger sister. The photograph is in the possession of a direct descendant of Fred and Louisa's brother Samuel. Samuel Fisher's son Samuel migrated to Australia to find out about Frederick's estate. There were concerns of fraudulent activities. Young Samuel remained in Sydney and married there in 1849.

Thank you to the descendant John Wise for sharing Louisa's photo with the library. John's link to her and Fred was proven with a DNA match.

Louisa Fisher is photographed above. Date is unknown. (photograph courtesy of John Wise)

Written by Andrew Allen

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